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PT Asia Amimono Jaya (knitting industry)
PT Fancy Yarn Indo Jaya (fancy yarn industry)
PT Press Metal Indo Jaya (metal workings industry)
PT Nickel Chrome Indo Jaya (electroplating industry)
PT Citra Plating Indo Jaya (electroplating industry)
PT Mina Wirawan Indo Jaya (fishery industry)

Address :
Jl Cibaligo 42 - Leuwigajah - Cimahi - Bandung - Indonesia.
Jl Cibaligo 163 - Leuwigajah - Cimahi - Bandung - Indonesia.
Phone : 62-22-637333, 62-22-636060
Fax : 62-22-630900, 62-22-632514.
E-mail : aajaya@melsa.net.id

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PT Asia Amimono Jaya
PT AA Jaya was established in 1968 and is strictly export oriented.We are a growing and well-known garment manufacturer with 1500 person workforce. We aim to meet the sophisticated requirements of overseas markets.We make sweaters for adults as well as for children. Our special machinery enables us to produce sweaters of cable, stripe, jacquard, lace knit, etc. made of acrylic, cotton, blended wool, remie adn fancy yarn. We have 3, 5, 7, 12 and 14 gauge knitting machines. Our sweaters are exported to the USA, Canada, Japan and EEC countries.

PT Fancy Yarn Indo Jaya
We produce a vast range of fancy yarns such as : Chenille Yarn, Boucle Yarn, Loop Yarn, Knot Yarn, Special Knot Yarn, etc. Our machines are equipped to produce Flat Knit , Circular Knit, Weave, and others.

PT Press Metal Indo Jaya
We make mould and dies, metal stamping for electronic components, electrical parts, automotive parts, and others.

PT Nickel Chrome Indo Jaya & PT Citra Plating Indo Jaya
A division with technical assistance from Mitaka Kinzoku Co. Ltd., Japan. We produce all kinds of electroplating, such as Hard Chrome, Zinc, Nickel, Copper, and Nickel Chrome . Electroplating can be used for automotive, electrical, electronic, and furniture parts.

PT Mina Wirawan Indo Jaya
We produce fresh and packaged seafood for export, such as : White Bate Fish (Shirasu), Shrimp, Crab, Squid, etc.
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